Solace Footwear

Solace is a Barcelona-inspired lifestyle brand
that draws from the endless sunshine...

Solace Flip-Flops ...unique ambiance, rich culture and easygoing vibe that this city is famous for. The relaxed lifestyle, positive attitude and open-mindedness lie at the heart of the Solace brand and drive us to action.

The idea of Solace was conceived from a desire to create a one-of-a-kind, simple and authentic class of products for the life we live in this city and around it. Products that will help people enjoy Mediterranean summer in style and comfort. For the beginning we chose eco-friendly flip-flops as our flagship item. We chose flip-flops not only because they are the most comfortable and relaxed summertime footwear but mainly because they are a manifestation of our way of life and the freedom to be who we want to be and to live the life we love.

Solace is also a way for us to positively influence our environment and do our little part in protecting the planet. Apart from making eco-friendly products we're fully committed to respecting the people and the environments we touch. We strive to be an environmentally responsible company and we actively support those who work for a clean environment and a better quality of life (more in the 'Planet' section).